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March 19, 2021 by Sarah Krakoff, Maggie Dewane

Women's History Month Q&A with Member Scholar Sarah Krakoff

Sarah Krakoff

To commemorate Women’s History Month, we’re interviewing women at the Center for Progressive Reform about how they’re building a more just America, whether by pursuing a just transition to clean energy, protections for food workers, or legal support for Native Americans. This week, we spoke with Sarah Krakoff, professor of law at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an expert on Native American law, public lands and natural resources law, and environmental justice.

CPR: What motivated you to become an ally to Native Americans and equal justice in America? Is there historical context to this or a moment in history that stood out to you as motivation or inspiration? 

SK: My commitment grew out of anti-poverty and civil rights work I did while in law school, which included a very cursory introduction to the unique status and rights of Native nations. But my understanding of what justice and equity mean in the Native American context truly developed when I lived on the Navajo Nation, working for DNA-Peoples’ Legal Services [a nonprofit legal aid organization providing free civil legal services to low-income people]. 

I lived in a rural area and, like my Navajo neighbors, had no electricity or …

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March 19, 2021

Women's History Month Q&A with Member Scholar Sarah Krakoff